These are an integral component of a roofing system along with the numerous roof covering materials roof tiles made by Monier, Boral, Bristile, Nova roof tiles, Monier Prime, Harmony roof tiles, Alice roof tiles. Colorbond manufacturers:- Bluescope Steel, Lysaghts, Stramit, Steeline Roofing, Stratco, Fielders Roofing. These are some of the major players and there are hundreds of smaller companies around Australia manufacturing products for roofing all the metal roofing companies supply gutters and downpipes also metal fascia and metal fascia cover for refitting over damaged timber fascia.

Some of the roof tile companies supply whirly birds with their roofing supposedly to ventilate the roofspace, well this is simply not true whirly birds don’t work. See on this site Case Studies & Reports – “Whirly Birds Don’t Work”. Most of the metal roofing companies also sell whirly birds and other types of ventilators that are not much better than a whirly bird at least they have made an attempt to try and solve the problem of excessive heat in summer and condensation raining in the roof in winter.

HOWEVER IF YOU WANT A ROOF VENTILATION SYSTEM THAT REALLY WORKS TO COOL THE HOME IN SUMMER AND DRY THE ROOFSPACE IN WINTER you cannot go past the roof ventilation systems that Universal Tile Ventilators manufacture. These really work to save you on energy costs to cool your home in summer and dry your roofspace in winter from condensation problems. Check out on this site on Menu – “Warning Read This Before You Design Your Next House”. Also check out our customer Testimonials.

So for your guttering and downpipes go to a metal roofing company but if you want effective ventilation for your roofspace, cooling your home in summer you need Universal Tile Ventilator Systems for your tiled roof and the Smoothline Ventilator System for metal and colorbond roofs.