About Universal Tile Ventilators

Universal Tile Ventilators are increasingly being recognised as the best performing products for roof ventilation of homes available.

Architects and building designers specify these unique in the world products for roof ventilation and the ducting of rooms.

We are not a huge company with a huge advertising budget. We are a small company with a huge product we distribute to every State in Australia.


The Universal Tile Ventilator was invented by Kevin Baker a roofer with over 4 decades in roofing all types of roof coverings.  Kevin’s experience in roofing is unequalled in Australia proficient in tile, all types, all metal roofing, wood shakes and shingles, membranes, roof slate, composition shingles, plain tile, Japanese and Chinese tile, two piece mission tile etc etc.  With thousands of roofs in Australia and California his experience and knowledge of roofing is immense.  There is nothing Kevin does not know about roofing or how a roof works.


Kevin has invented a number of inventions, all borne out of necessity.  When given a problem by a customer solving it with a product that works, that’s how the tile ventilator came about.

In 1994 a huge condensation problem occurred in a new home in the suburb of Deakin ACT.

After all the experts had been called in and no solution evolved Kevin was called in, the task was to stop the condensation running down all of the walls in the 4.5 million dollar home. The added problem to this catastrophy was that the owner did not want ugly protrusions sticking out of his roof.

Kevin came up with a solution that was unobtrusive and worked amazingly; this was the predecessor to the Universal Tile Ventilator (fully story on Inventors Bio).

It took quite awhile for Kevin to come up with the Universal Tile Ventilator one ventilator that fixes into all concrete tiles made in the world no matter what the profile, then came a similar tile vent that fixes into all Marseille and French pattern terracotta roof tiles.  These are the ones you see all over Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth just before you land in a plane.

As most products available on the market were inferior to the Universal Tile Ventilator, Kevin sold his roofing business in 1999 to concentrate on ideas and his inventions to create superior products for roof ventilation starting the company Universal Tile Ventilators not long after.

In 2006 Universal Tile Ventilators won the New Inventors Award for the both tile ventilators.

These products worked so amazingly the call was for a similar unobtrusive ventilator that could be used on a colorbond corrugated roof, this took some time and testing however knowing how roofs work Kevin came up with a similar product that works equally as well as the Universal Tile Ventilator using all the same principles of fluid dynamics only with a different concept for arrival.  The Smoothline Ventilator for corrugated colorbond roofs was conceived, one of the Top 10 Energy Saving Products in the 2009 Green Pages Directory.

Since the conception of the tile ventilator in 1994 thousands of these ventilators have been fixed into thousands of roofs Australia wide in all situations, all types of roofs in all types of weather with only positive results.

During that time we have introduced ducts that can be connected to the ventilators to duct bathrooms or remotely any room in your home.  These in turn have been tested and proven to be amazingly effective.

With 50 years of knowledge of all types of roofing 18 years invested in the research and development for roof ventilation, Universal Tile Ventilators have been designed to work fantastically due to the basic physics of fluid dynamics incorporating aerodynamics for natural roof ventilation and the correct way of harnessing it.  We really know how a roof works under ventilation.

Our products are manufactured in Prestons, NSW using computerised equipment manufactured to perfect accuracy to give you the ultimate finished product.

We are a small company gaining ground every day through word of mouth (happy customers,  with architects specifying for homes, townhouse developments, army barracks etc etc.  We have constantly worked and reworked our products so they will give you the best performance possible.

With our products we have helped customers solve their problems together with information on how to achieve the best outcome for them.


When we designed our products, we thought how can we make our customers lives more comfortable. So, we came up with great designs that achieve benefits for the end user, after all isn’t that what we all want when we make a purchase. A great product that does what the manufacturer claims it does.

So, we decided to design products that actually work with great benefits for the consumer for roof ventilation that is unique and nothing like what is on the market.

Something different, something that actually works to make our customers life easier and more comfortable.

Having great products are our marketing edge, with word of mouth our best advertisement. We are not a big company with a big advertising budget, we are a small company with huge products. What are the problems that they solve –

  • Will solve or avoid condensation and humidity moisture problems.
  • Will solve the problems of excessive over heating of roofspaces in the height of the summer months.

What are the benefits to the consumer –

  • A cooler home in summer, you will be able to sleep on the hottest days.
  • A drier roofspace 24/7
  • Energy saving, if you have air-conditioning it will turn off and won’t be running all the time, you more than likely won’t need to use it most of December and March.
  • If you don’t have air-conditioning, you won’t have any more sleepless nights
  • Aerodynamically designed to take all that Mother Nature has to throw at them. You can’t beat that! This is roof ventilation like no other, cutting edge for the 21st century.