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Consider what you may think is its competition

Whirly vents have moving parts that wear out, a number of static roof vents that protrude above the roof line as well as whirlybirds are obtrusive and quite unattractive, these all need eaves vents to induce airflow.

Consider this regarding these products

If you have insulation to the mandatory Australian Standards, it will block any air from the eaves entering the roof space, as the insulation sits on the ceiling and extends to the roof tiles allowing no air flow to the roof space from the eaves – this makes eaves vents ineffective and all the ventilation products in the roof space useless.

Find following report regarding whirlybirds in the Case Studies and Reports section of our site.

So eaves vents do not work, whirlybirds do not work and all other static vents and fans do not work without induced air.


An example is your takeaway cup of coffee you have a large hole to drink the coffee through and a small hole to let air into the cup to allow the coffee to come through the larger hole (fluid dynamics). If the small hole has not been properly punched through the lid, the coffee will not come out so you have to punch a larger hole through the small hole to allow the coffee to flow, air in – coffee out (fluid dynamics).

So you know these other products do not work.

That is why you need the Universal Tile Ventilator Systems

The Universal Tile Ventilator roof vents for tiled roofs

The Smoothline Ventilator roof vents for colorbond roofs

Working on natural convection currents air flow currents the venturi effect and the added advantage of the wind providing effective ventilation to the roof space all year round no moving parts uses no energy no asbestos eaves to cut or drill.

Provides entry and exit points within the roof space for hot moist and/or stale air through the roof cavity to the outside atmosphere.
Air-conditioning and heating costs are significantly reduced

Energy saving
Highly effective
Green wise
Saves your carbon footprint
Systems that really work

A one off investment in your own home your own health and your own comfort that lasts forever how can you beat that
So now you know why you need these products

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Convective heat transfer
Natural or Free convection
(Hot air rising cold air falling)

Natural convection is caused by buoyancy forces due to density differences caused by temperature variations in the air. At heating the density change in the boundary layer will cause the air to rise and be replaced by cooler air that also will heat and rise infinitely. This phenomena is called free or natural convection. ‘Newton’s Law of Cooling”.


Natural movement of air

Air currents: Atmospheric flow; wind

Free Air flow: Air currents picked up across the plane of the roof passing through a small area increases the air velocity.


“The average flow speed of air doubles through a constriction”.

Causing air to pass through a small area and increasing the airs velocity.

The speed up of air through a constriction due to the pressure rise on the upwind side of the constriction and the pressure drop on the downwind side as the air diverges to leave the constriction.


In physics, fluid dynamics deals with fluid flow – the natural science of fluids (liquids and gases) in motion. It has several sub-disciplines itself, including aerodynamics the study of air and other gases in motion, such as velocity, pressure, density and temperature as functions of space and time.

“The average flow speed of air doubles through a constriction” causing air to pass through a small area and increasing the airs velocity.