Give this website 5 minutes of your time and we will share with you valuable information to get the problems that are facing you out of your life – this site provides quality content and information regarding natural ventilation of the roofspace – we are the leading experts in the field for natural roof ventilation for the home.


  • They really do work to remove all the nasties of the roofspace and will give you a lifetime of value.
  • They carry a guarantee that no other ventilation company will give you. Our guarantee: our ventilators will not leak – will not blow out – will last the life of the roof or longer (Must be installed to our provided instructions). You can’t beat that!
  • If you do not have any type of roof ventilation boy are you going to be surprised and notice the difference when you install our roof ventilation products – prepare to be amazed.
  • They are low profile sitting flush to the roof becoming part of the roof covering, they work exceptionally well with mother nature allowing high winds, storm cells and cyclones to easily pass over them, debris or embers have nowhere to collect hence the only roof ventilator that you can use in an ember attack bushfire area.
  • Being low profile they are unobtrusive and highly effective. They are very easy on the eye and will not make your beautiful home look like a factory.
  • You will have a one off cost when you purchase our products – never needing to be replaced – no moving parts to wear out – will last the life of your roof in most cases will last longer.
  • Products that will give you effective measured ventilation and the solution to all your roofspace problems.
  • Inlets and outlets within the roof covering to allow the ambient air to flow through the roofspace – you can’t beat that!
  • Energy saving: Airconditiong use and energy costs are significantly going to be reduced. If you do have airconditioning you will not use it anywhere near as much as you did before having our product installed – We believe you will save 30% to 40% on your electricity bill for airconditioning – See Testimonials – Mr & Mrs Staples, ACT 12 April 2010. For winter heating in the coldest 3 months in Canberra see Case Studies & Reports 26% Energy Saving, gas heating bill. You can’t beat that!
  • If you do not have airconditioning and you have whirlybirds or some other form of roof ventilation you are really going to notice the difference when you retrofit our products into your roof you will see how well a roofing system that incorporates a system of inlet and outlet vents actually works.
  • SBS Sick Building Syndrome - Our roof ventilation systems remove all the contributors from the roofspace that can lead to SBS in the home such as mould and mildew, condensation and humidity moisture (there is plenty of information on this site regarding Sick Building Syndrome). You can’t beat that.