Denise & David - Mandurah, WA

Hi, we just wanted to give you some feedback with regards to the Smoothline Ventilators just recently supplied. We are very pleased with the immediate results, a marked difference in our upstairs room temperature is noted, as well as in the evening how quickly the area cools down. My husband installed them easily as per your instructions. We also like the discreet look of them, they blend in so well to the roofline. I have attached a couple of photos for you. We wish you every success with your business, you have a great product.

John - Watson, ACT

Having a two storey extension above our house during the hotter months of summer by 11 am the banister railing was hot to touch, all the furniture upstairs was hot to touch and we used to sleep downstairs in the summer as upstairs was unbearable, just walking up six stairs would take your breath away. After installing the Universal Tile Ventilators the railing and the furniture were no longer hot. We now sleep upstairs all year round. I highly recommend this product.

M. Brady - Dharruk, NSW

Living in Sydney's western suburbs summer is unbearable, we used to have our air-conditioning timed to come on around 2pm so the house would have cooled down by 6 o'clock when we came home from work. Since installing the Universal Tile Ventilating system, we turn it on when we get home and we only need it on for a couple of hours. Thanks for a great product that really works and saves energy and money.

Graham Thompson - Gordon, ACT

Since installing the Universal Tile Ventilators I have had a marked improvement with the cost of my air conditioning and heating bills. The house is lovely and cool in summer and much warmer in winter. I have recommended Kevin’s wonderful invention to many of my friends and customers and will continue to recommend this truly wonderful invention.

Dean - Glenorchy, VIC

I was a bit skeptical at first that your product would do what you said it would but having the tile ventilators installed for over a year now I am absolutely convinced that this is a fantastic invention and every house in Australia should have them installed. I have monitored my heating and cooling bills and you would not believe the difference that the ventilators have made to these bills. I am now totally convinced and ecstatic that I had them installed in my home and saving a huge amount on my cooling and heating bills.

Catherine - Wagga Wagga, NSW

Since installing the Universal Tile Ventilators my house has been so much cooler in summer saving electricity costs on running my air conditioner as I don’t have to have it on all the time and also saving on heating bills in the winter, amazingly the house is just so much warmer. Thank you for such a wonderful invention.

Frank - Queanbeyan, NSW

These smoothline ventilators for corrugated roofs are absolutely amazing. After removing the whirly birds that did not work, and were quiet ugly we had the smoothlines fitted to our roof. The results were amazing, nice and cool in summer, warm in winter and removed our mould and mildew problem. Very happy customer.

Mr James - Giralang

We had Universal Tile Ventilators installed in our roof. They work really well. We also had a Tile Ventilator Duct connected to our kitchen range hood ducting, this was the best thing I ever did, my wife now allows me to smoke next to the range hood the smoke is sucked up and out into the outside atmosphere through the tile ventilator, fantastic in Canberra’s winter brilliant idea.

Mr & Mrs Herrick - Weetangera, ACT

We have a very large tiled roof which made our house extremely hot in summer, 10 UTV’s were recommended, after the installation we found the house to be much cooler in summer and remarkably much warmer in winter also before the installation of the UTV’s there used to be condensation all around the steel window frames which collected on the window sill in most of the rooms, this condensation has now disappeared. This was real value for money we are very satisfied.

Jo Mahnig - Melbourne, VIC

I have a small solid brick house with a tiled roof which was really hot before getting the Tile Ventilators put into my roof the house is really cool now I have recommended them to my neighbors and both sides have put them in with the same results. I highly recommend this product.

Mr McLennan - Bundaberg, QLD

Lives in an extreme bushfire area, virtually in the middle of a forest, the builders would not install whirlybirds or eaves vents because of the house location. He found the best product for his application was the Smoothline Ventilator System. After installing the Smoothline Ventilator System he was very happy with the results. He says his house is 50 to 60% more comfortable particularly at night, a very happy customer.

Sala Homes

Sala Homes Sustainable Homes, Brisbane had independent testing done to two of their houses to show how effective they were. Tests were carried out on their efficiency and how cool and warm they were. Testing done by M.A.B.E.L Deacon Universities building and architectural mobile testing unit “The roof ventilation system was two whirlybirds. The manufacturers belief is that the wind turbines will expel air, however do not move air, but are instead moved by air. This is a fundamental fact not understood by manufacturers of these products. Tests on the ventilators fitted to the houses show approximately a flow velocity of 0.1 meters per second which is considered still air in ventilation terms, which is totally inadequate to remove any heat load from the roof space. A whirlybird does not move air, but is instead moved by air. In conclusion a more effective roof cavity ventilation system requires further exploration”. The solution for Sala Homes was the Smoothline Ventilation System which has been used with great results ever since.

Sara Habitat Hardware - Brisbane ACT

November 2008 Brisbane was hit by the largest storm cell in 100 years and had a follow up cell 5 days later. Complete houses were blown down, many roofs were blown off, protrusions through roofs and whirlybirds were blown out of roofs everywhere the centre of the storm cell and the worst hit area was the Gap. Sara from Habitat Hardware, Brisbane said great news the Smoothline Ventilators that had just recently been installed on the house at the Gap were still firmly in place and the house and roof received no damage.


After having the smoothline ventilator system installed in our roof we were very thrilled with the results, the house is warmer in winter and much cooler in summer. Congratulations on a great product.

John & Kay Beagle - Weetangera, ACT

For many years, during the summer, we wished for a “lid” in our tiled roof so the heat could escape. We were delighted when we attended an Eco Expo at the Canberra Convention Centre in April 2008 and met Kevin Baker of Universal Tile Ventilators. We made a booking for an inspection, and quotation, at our home in suburban Canberra. Immediately after installation in July, we enjoyed the benefits of the Ventilators - but not as we had originally expected! In Canberra, the weather was now cold, but our home was markedly warmer and cosier. Our winter gas bill for heating was much reduced. As the summer months brought hot days and nights, we were surprised at the temperature differential between outdoors and indoors. It was as though we had air conditioning. Kevin had originally indicated there would be a marked difference both in summer and winter – he was entirely correct. Everything he claimed, has occurred. The tiles fit so neatly into our existing older style cement tiled roof it is almost impossible to see them. The fact that the tiles work simply using air currents, have no working parts, nor require maintenance, and are so effective, make them a very desirable and highly recommendable product. Much more so than rotary type ventilators with moving parts. We have visited a large powder-coating factory near Canberra and have seen first hand how large, industrial sized ventilators have revolutionized working conditions, lowered costs and made the enterprise more efficient. We believe that fitting Universal Tile Ventilators should be mandatory in all new dwellings and retrofitted to existing buildings. They work! We have no hesitation in recommending them.

Terry Snow - Canberra Airport

Dear Mr Baker, I have been asked to provide a product endorsement on your universal tile ventilator system. These ventilators have been installed in my house at Deakin, ACT where I have a flat, terracotta, pantile roof which in itself was a very difficult roofing system and was laid on structural flooring that was insulated. However, because this reduced the potential for roof ventilation, we had to come up with a system to ventilate the roof and allow condensation build up to disperse. Your ventilator system has proved entirely effective and has provided the necessary solution in a very difficult environment. The alternative was ugly, protruding ventilators which would have been an unacceptable protrusion on the roof line. I am delighted to say we have achieved the necessary ventilation with your system and the ventilators are not noticeable on the roof unless they are pointed out to someone, a terrific solution. They have now been in place for eight years and we have had no trouble whatsoever with them. I have no difficulty in you using this letter to support your product and, if any potential customer or client wants to take this matter up with me, I would be very happy to speak to them. Yours sincerely, Terry Snow

Dave Hocking - 32 Stockdale St, Dickson

I have had Universal Tile Ventilators fixed into my roof for four seasons now. Having a two storey house that was unbearably hot in summer upstairs and unbearably cold in winter downstairs before installing the vents. I now find that the whole house is reasonably comfortable for all four seasons, the top floor in summer is much cooler no more sleepless nights. The top and bottom floor are both much more comfortable in winter with my heating costs being reduced and the rest of the year is fantastic, what a product should be in every house in Australia. I have had Universal Tile Ventilators fixed into my roof for four seasons now. Having a two storey house that was unbearably hot in summer upstairs and unbearably cold in winter downstairs before installing the vents. I now find that the whole house is reasonably comfortable for all four seasons, the top floor in summer is much cooler no more sleepless nights. The top and bottom floor are both much more comfortable in winter with my heating costs being reduced and the rest of the year is fantastic, what a product should be in every house in Australia.

Carolyn, Waramanga, ACT

Having installed Universal Tile Ventilators 2 years after moving into my new dual occupancy home, on the front of a knock down rebuild block I was quite amazed at the results that I have received from installing the tile ventilators. I now find that I rarely use my heating and air conditioning, this is a great product I highly recommend it.

Mrs Flores - Robina, QLD

Your ventilators are excellent by allowing the air flow through the roof, when we get the sea breeze in the evening with just a couple of fans it is as if we have air conditioning. Good on you for a cool product.

Mr & Mrs Staples - Yarralumla ACT

Before we had the Universal Tile Ventilator System installed in our roof the air conditioning ran constantly, we were obviously continually running the air conditioner to fight off the heat that built up in the roof space. Now thanks to the Universal Tile Ventilator System continually removing the built up heat in the roof we are only running the air conditioner to cool the house. We have had the Universal Tile Ventilator System installed in our roof for two years, our air conditioning is now switching off when they acquired temperature is achieved and only restarting when necessary. This is a real energy saving product.

Gerry - Mapstone Bank, ACT

We have had the Universal Tile Ventilators in our roof for three years and found the difference inside our house both summer and winter considerably more comfortable. I have since recommended them to my son and friends which have likewise had them installed. I would recommend this product to others.

Clive & Jo - Canberra

Hi Kevin We just wanted to thank you for the roof ventilation tiles you have installed on our house in the ACT. Who would have believed that something so simple and understated would make such a marked difference to the temperature inside our house? Since having them put in it has been noticeably cooler in summer and warmer in winter. We are saving money throughout the year on cooling and heating costs; the tiles will pay for themselves in 2-3 years. This product is so easy to install and should be mandatory on every single house. We are more than happy to recommend this product to everyone (and we do!). Anyone who wants to reduce temperature extremes in their house, condensation in their roof as well as save money (and the planet!), should have these tiles installed.

Doug Laing

"We installed the "Universal Tile Ventilator" system at our home last summer (2010). The house was immediately more comfortable on hot days. Our neighbour thought we had installed an evaporative cooling system and was astonished at the technical simplicity and cost effectiveness of the six tile ventilators Kevin installed for us. We are firmly of the view that the system has made our home more comfortable in Canberra's harsh summer and winter climate, and obviated the need for expensive, CO2 emitting air-conditioning throughout the home. We certainly recommend the Universal Tile Ventilator. Doug Laing and family, Waramanga ACT ".

Steve - “Windamere” Shearsby Road Yass NSW

I would like to thank Kevin for his knowledge in roofing and ventilation.I noticed a water mark on our ceiling which turned out to be a massive condensation problem in our roof.We live outside Yass and winters can be extreme,the south east corner was the problem as it was the first to loose the sun and the last place the ice would melt in the morning.Having two wood heaters and ducted gas going all the time created a perfect condensation mix with the outside temps ranging from –7 to +11 in winter.After taking Kevins advice I put in 9 smoothline units on our tin roof and the effect was instant and dramatic,no condensation and you can feel the warm “wet”air escaping from the top of the ridge line.We also dont need the gas heating on anymore.Our house is quite well insulated but I look forward to summer and a much cooler house with hot air streaming out of the roof space for free no wind required just Kevins common sense.

Ken & Bev - Canberra

Hi Kevin, After seeing your invention on The New Inventors TV program, we engaged you to install your tile ventilators in our roof in Nov 2006. It's a marvellous invention and Ken and I are so glad we had our roof done. We just slide the Brivis heating control to 'Cool' and 'Fan' and we get the cool evening air, thanks to you, and cheaper than running the Daikon airconditioner. You should have been named 'Inventor of the Year' on the New Inventors - you certainly had my vote.

Jane - Bathurst

We have just recently been experiencing really bad condensation in our tiled roof with the water running down the walls in three bedrooms with resulting mould. We found out we needed to have ventilation. A friend told us about the Universal Tile Ventilators so we had 6 installed in our modest home. End of problem, no more condensation these vents are nothing short of amazing what a fantastic idea, I will definitely spread the word.

Bob & Kath - Melbourne

Hi Kevin, I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful product it was actually raining in our roof with condensation until I had your smoothline ventilators installed. These ventilators work just as you said they would, now I’ve had my ceilings painted I’m a really happy customer.

Martyn Toole

Hi Folks,Just wanted to let you know I installed the 2 tile ventilators I purchased. They are absolutely brilliant. Easy to install, look great and they blend in with the tiles. The exhaust adapters work exceptionally well, I simply attached some flexible ducting to them and to bathroom & kitchen fans at the other end, too easy. Truly an innovative product. I will be recommending them to everyone. They are just the best option bar none!!!

Mark – Queanbeyan, NSW

After installing 4 Smoothline ventilators in my very steep colorbond roof I found they have made a difference inside my top storey bedrooms of 6°. I am very happy with this result it has increased our summer comfort quite remarkably.


I have had these installed for a couple of years now and find my roof space noticeably hotter. After reading articles about these products I still believe they were installed wrong and would like the vents on the main roof space switched. After contacting you several times I still have not had anything done to rectify my problem. Let’s see if I get a solution this time.


I have had 6 Universal Tile vents installed to the upper level of my house on Brisbane east side, the vents have had an immediate impact as the upstairs level of my house was always 5 degrees hotter in summer despite having pink batts in the ceiling. After installing the vents the temperature upstairs is comparable to the downstairs area which has reduced the need to run the air conditioning as much, I am very happy with the results to date. I looked at other options including installing whirlybirds and other roof ventilation systems and the tile vents have been a cost effective solution. We still have to run ceiling fans upstairs during summer but the heat trapped in the ceiling cavity has been reduced which is has helped during this particularly humid 2014/15 summer, I didn’t install the vents my self but got someone who installs them to do the job, I would recommend the universal tile ventilation system and use it again on future homes

Sam Taufa

Summers in Australia used to be hot days, and sauna evenings. During summer months our concrete roof tiles are happily pushing their excess heat to the dark sky, and down into our roof and house well after 2:00am in the morning. The outdoor night was cool, but inside we were baking. Our only solution was to run the air-conditioning early and all night. That's crazy, how can it be acceptable that the outside is cool, the wind blowing air through the house, but the inside of the house stifling hot? Stand underneath the insulation batts, and you can feel the heat radiating off the roof. It was too expensive to replace the concrete tiles, the "paint" solutions sounded too magical and the neighbour's whirly birds are a serious noise hazard, screeccchh. The neighbours eventually replaced their whirly birds with newer ones. It was amazing the difference installing the Universal Tile Ventilators made. You can literally feel the difference under the roof. If a good Sydney summer breeze is blowing, we just leave the windows open and the house stays cool. We still use air-conditioning when the outdoors is hot or a breeze non-existent, but this is significantly different than running the air-conditioning day and night without the Universal Tile Ventilators. The team was very helpful with by newbie questions, even reviewing where on my roof to place the tiles. Value for money is awesome. Heartily recommend this device to all my family and friends. Jack Yuen and his team installed in and I'm sweet.