Bush Fire Ventilator

Anything else is a compromise!

Conforms to Bushfire Standard AS3959-2009 - ember attack
The Smoothline bush fire ventilator fixes to all brands of corrugated colorbond roofing very snuggly.

Bush fire

Handling mother nature

roof tile ventilation

As well as working exceptionally well, they have been constructed with mother nature in mind. Three sides have been aerodynamically tapered so high winds and storm cells will pass over the ventilator ventilator making them the best ventilation system in high wind and tropical cyclone areas. The tapering of the ventilator leaves no possibility for debris collection such as leaves, twigs etc. A nice clean almost flush unit only allowing fresh air in and stale moist air out.


  • Made from strong 0.55 zincalume coated Bluescope steel laser cut to perfect accuracy
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Airconditioning and heating costs are significantly reduced
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • A one off investment in your own home, your own health and your own comfort that lasts forever
  • Install them yourself, instructions available online
  • Beats the summer heat and solves the winter condensation problems, provides entry and exit points within the roof for hot, moist and/or stale air to evacuate the roof cavity to the outside atmosphere
  • Static - Has no moving parts, uses no energy. Powered by natural convection currents, air flow currents and the venturi effect

How many do I need?

roof tile ventilator

This is generally determined by the ridgelines of your roof where the heat rises to. If you have one ridgeline up to 8 metres you will need 2 ventilators (one system). If you have two ridgelines you will need 4 ventilators (2 systems). If you have 3 ridgelines you will need 6 ventilators (3 systems). However in saying that you can have a huge house coming up to a small ridgeline and you will only need one system. Placement can also change with the configuration of your roof.

If you need to you can email us your roof plan or do a rough mud map the approximate size of your house and we will map out your ventilator placement and amount of vents you need.

Architects and Building Designers, specify these aesthetically and highly functional superior
integrated and unique smoothline ventilators.

The SMOOTHLINE ventilator roof vent
for the smoothlines of colorbond roofing

Anything else is a compromise!

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