When you install my systems you will be truly surprised to have installed systems that really work with great results.

I have invested over 40 years in the experience of all types of roofing being trained by the best in the world, myself training thousands of roofers in the art and believe me to be expert in every type of roof covering is an art held by few. Read my bio.

What’s more with my extensive experience I have invented many products for roofing.

What are the results?

Well you will just have to check out the testimonials on my website, won’t you.

My ventilators are different to other ventilators on the market – They are not a rehash of different types of ridge vents nor a rehash of whirly birds with fans etc that only restrict air flow not any of the ventilators from past history rehashed or concocted by some roofing company office jockey who has no experience in roofing or any idea how roof ventilation products actually work – with the only hot air being removed being the hot air of the sales people and their advertisements. There is a difference between a good idea and a good product.

Why are my ventilators different?

My ventilators have been designed by someone who really knows how a roof operates under ventilation being new and unique in the world. Was there a flash of genius, surely there was in the first instance however right from the start the Universal Tile Ventilator worked fantastically due to the basic physics – of natural ventilation and the correct way of harnessing it, however they have been tweaked and re-tweaked over the past 8 years. These systems are undeniably the best products for roof ventilation in the world.
After all that they have been in use for 7 years with thousands of happy customers. For a one off cost and a lifetime of use and a system for ventilation that does not make your house look like a factory how can you beat that!