Cost of roof ventilation? That is the question, however it should be what the cost could be if you don’t have effective roof ventilation?

Well to answer that question read this Blog “Warning! Read Before You Design Your Next Housing Project”

This Blog was a letter to architects however we thought that consumers should know what can happen to a home due to a roofspace without an effective roofspace ventilation system, there are many other blogs on this site that may interest you.


You can go buy a supermarket whirlybird for around $65, what do you think that is going to do to alleviate the damage to a roofspace due to condensation or thermal creep from an overheated roofspace.

Answer – absolutely nothing, see on this site on Case Studies and Reports “Whirlybirds Don’t Work”

You can buy a $65 whirlybird or a $3,500 all home fan and still you won’t get the results you need to clear all the nasties of the roofspace.

You need two vents with equal volume in each zone of the roofspace to equalise the roofspace to the ambient air and remove all the nasties of the roofspace. Of course, this will cost a bit more than $65 however around $500 for 6 vents for a normal sized home.

When you weigh up the cost of your home at least $200,000 and the cost of what damage can be done without an effective roofspace ventilation system for around a one off cost of $500 that is little insurance for what you could be up for without it.

We have an advantage that others do not have our ventilators are a system that works very well to protect your castle, not only that they are the most unobtrusive ventilator system on the market.

What you get – a roofspace with clean air without the nasties, a cooler house in summer and a dry roofspace all year round.

To put it in perspective - a roof ventilator system that can solve the problems of the roofspace.

When choosing an effective roof ventilation system cost should be irrelevant, just remember a cheap bargain is quickly replaced by the reality of a quality product.