With roof ventilation, there are many issues to consider.  The first issue is improper roof ventilation.  Damage caused by inadequate roofspace ventilation – condensation can cause ceiling insulation to be rendered useless, losing its R value.  Ceiling and roof timber damage.  Condensation can also cause SBS (Sick Building Syndrome), saturated ceiling insulation can hold moisture for mould to grow on the ceiling.

EXCESSIVE HEAT  – your air conditioner is going to work harder and the excessive heat overload to the roofspace can cause thermal creep due to excessive heat build-up in the height of summer can have an effect on all the building materials in the roofspace roof covering, the structural timber, the sarking or blanket insulation, the ceiling and ceiling insulation etc.  These problems can all lead to SBS and compromise the comfort of your home.


You can have too much roofspace ventilation, not enough, the wrong kind or 2 different kinds that do not work that well together.

The ingredients for an effective roof ventilation system are for a balanced system of an inlet and outlet of the same volume for each zone of the roof, effectively moving the ambient air throughout the roof cavity and allowing your roof to breathe.

Makes for a healthy, sound home and will save you big bucks on energy costs year in year out.