Is roof ventilation necessary? You better believe it is. However, many ventilators do not perform as well as the manufacturer says they do or they don’t even make any claims.

A roof without an effective ventilation system can be compared to an unbroken horse running in the Melbourne Cup. Condensation problems are the major consideration why roof ventilation is necessary.

Condensation can be likened to cancer, how is that you say – condensation can happen to any roof at any time, just as cancer can happen to any person at any time.

You can do all the right processes to try and alleviate condensation without an effective roof ventilation system, however, until you allow air exchange throughout the roofspace it will be like trying to go up river without a paddle.

You see as any person can fall victim to cancer or any other disease it is the same for condensation problems in any roof.

Why do some houses become victim to roofspace condensation when the identical home next door remains completely dry?

There is no rhyme or reason to it, it simply just happens that way. There are many factors that may contribute to a major condensation problem ie – bad workmanship is number one however there are other factors to consider, the over insulation of a home can be a major contributor or should I say the major contributor furthermore trees and overgrown foliage can also further exacerbate condensation problems – there are many factors to take into consideration.

So the answer to the question – is roof ventilation necessary? It most certainly is, however not just any roof ventilation will do the trick to alleviate condensation you need an effective roof ventilation system – a balanced system to equalise the airflow within the roofspace with the ambient temperature, to remove all the heated air from the roofspace. See Blog on this site “Warning, Read Before You Design Your Next Housing Project”.

Universal Tile Ventilators for concrete and terracotta tiled roofs and the Smoothline Ventilation System for corrugated colorbond roofs are balanced systems to equalise the ambient temperature within the roofspace, to alleviate condensation problems.