A roof is considered flat if it has very little roof pitch and then upwards to approximately 10°. In this Blog we will look at a flat roof with very little pitch.

Please reconsider having a roof with very little pitch as many problems can ensue – with little pitch there is generally little space between the roof and the ceiling, so no or hardly any roofspace.

Without a roofspace this opens up a Pandora’s box of possibilities. Firstly, the elements are very close to the enclosed space so expect it to be extremely hot in summer and much colder in winter.

However, the major problem being lack of air flow causing major condensation problems, it is virtually impossible to effectively ventilate a roof with hardly any roofspace.

So take it from a roofer with over 50 years experience in roofing, do not entertain the use of a roof without a decent pitch.

Best results are achieved with a pitched roof above 18° with an effective roof ventilation system.