Metal roofs are a very good investment when you are contemplating building a new home or reroofing an existing home, why is this?

The pros – a coloured metal roof is aesthetically pleasing, as well as looking good it is maintenance free and very serviceable for the end user, how can you beat that.

Well you can’t beat that we have been in the roofing industry over 50 years, roofing all types of roof coverings and we believe a coloured metal roof to be your best choice for longevity, serviceability as well as being maintenance free.

Not forgetting the fact that a metal roof will weigh around 1½ to 2 ton compared to a tiled roof of 15-20 ton.

Cons – Well, there are not many however without an effective roof ventilation system a metal roof could have horrendous condensation problems.

After 20 odd years of extreme elements you may have to rejuvenate the colour in other words you may have to have your roof painted, however if the roof has been installed properly with an effective roof ventilation system, unlike a tiled roof no other maintenance will be necessary.

In our opinion metal roofs win hands down over most other roof coverings. We have found when we have installed metal roofs the correct way (which we always have) there was never any maintenance needed. However, we always installed roof ventilation as part of the package.

We can inform you though we fixed many condensation problems due to other contractors bad workmanship see BLOG on this site – “Guide to Good Metal Roofing Practice”.