Roof ventilation, hot air balloons and politicians all have the obvious in common, yeah they are all full of hot air.

The hot air balloon needs the hot air to stay airborne, so that’s a good thing.

The politician is like a used car salesman always trying to sell you something.

They are both experienced in selling us innuendo on either a product or a policy or even no policy at all. You know where you stand with the used car salesman, one notch above a real estate agent – who are known to be lower than a snakes’ belly.

However, the politician wins hands-down when it comes to hot air production and waffling on, promising porkies the unobtainable imaginary, whimsical and most of all they are unpredictable.

So who wins the award for spruiking off the most hot air?

Well, it takes a lot of hot air to keep a balloon afloat right behind the hot air balloon is the politician followed by the real estate agent and the used car salesman.

Excepting the hot air balloon they will all sell you a lemon if you are not on the ball, you need to read carefully between the lines before you sign your name to anything, or tick any boxes.

It is also the same for roof ventilation believe me there is plenty of hot air up in your roofspace, you only have to count the sleepless nights you have in summer to know you need roof ventilation to purge the heat from your roofspace in the evening.

So you don’t want to get sold a lemon when buying a roof ventilation system there is also a lot of hot air from a lot of roof ventilation salesmen.

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