When looking to purchase value in roof ventilation we should look at the value of the product – does it work to remove the heat of summer, is it proven to solve the problems of moisture due to high humidity or condensation.

We should look at these characteristics as well as value for our dollar. 

Different homes with different roof layouts will of course receive different results, this is why it is advised to purchase the required amount that suits the needs of your particular roof.  Of course a home surrounded by trees will get a much more positive result than a home in a dusty paddock or without surrounding foliage.  So it’s a foregone that different homes will receive different results from roof ventilation.

Then you need to weigh up the value of a company’s desire to deliver exceptional products and service at a reasonable price.

In conclusion looking for value in roof ventilation – Is it a roof ventilation system that works to keep a cooler home in summer and a drier roof cavity – Do you purchase the required amount for your roof layout – Do you receive good service from the company where purchased – At a reasonable price for the value of the product – Does the company furthermore add value and make you feel good about the entire purchasing experience.  These are the traits for value in roof ventilation and customer satisfaction.