How easy are tile ventilators to install?  Very easy.  Universal Tile Ventilators lower ventilator should be installed in the 4th course from the gutter.  This will bring the ventilator over the eaves and directly into the roofspace, then opposing the lower ventilator the exhaust ventilator is fixed in the 4th course below the ridgecapping on the other side of the roof, this will allow constant equal airflow between the system – a balanced system. 

By taking an existing concrete tile from the roof to be ventilated and using it as a template against the ventilator, mark with a permanent marker or pen, trim out with tin snips then the ventilator will match the profile of the host roof and will simply lay in with the tiles as part of the roof, easy as.

To fix a Smoothline ventilator to a corrugated colorbond roof mark out a square 25mil below the ridgecap 380milx200mil this will be over 6 rolls from top centre of roll to top centre of roll, cut out with tin snips or power tool, weather the base of the hole then simply slide the Smoothline up under the ridgecapping and rivett to roof sheet.  Job done how easy is that, no flashing to fool around with.