Powered roof vents whether solar or grid power, leave a lot to be desired.  For a start they are very expensive for what you get and furthermore a great deal of them on the market have been imported from China.  Solar fans won’t work without sun so in winter look out for condensation problems.  Powered and solar fans also have moving parts and may need repair or replacement at some time.

There can also be problems – back drafting of chimneys and flues of combustion appliances also and among other problems drawing valuable air conditioned air, this conditioned air will be lost to the roofspace when the ceiling is not fully sealed – for example through downlights, fans that empty to the roofspace, ceiling vents etc, etc.


The first advantage, there are no moving parts to wear out or cause the unit to be replaced.  With any type of ventilation you need equilibrium, a stable balanced system.  For example you need to equalize air pressure between two ventilators, these two ventilators need to be of the same size and same volume.  So to have an effective roof ventilation system you need to have a pair of such ventilators to occupy each zone of the roof.  Then you will have the complete deal to cool your home through the summer months and keep the roof cavity dry from moisture.

So there you have it – no moving parts to wear out or units to be replaced, two ventilators for a stable balanced system for each zone of the roof to equalize air pressure.  This will give you savings on initial costs, save on running and maintenance costs as well as energy savings for air conditioning.  With a good effective roof ventilation system that is natural and passive you can’t go wrong.

Look for a system that has the criteria, that never needs to be replaced, will last as long as your roof – you are here look no further.