What price for roof ventilation?  Well you can pay from a couple hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars for roof ventilation fans however that is a large price if they do not effectively ventilate the roofspace.  Then there is the ongoing maintenance.  Then you have the supermarket whirlygigs for $50 that do nothing to ventilate the roofspace.

There you have the two extremes from $50 to over $1,000, or you can even look at whole house systems that cost thousands, in this case I would sincerely recommend air conditioning.  

So I say to you what price is a good price for roof ventilators?

You need to do your homework.  What is the point of paying any price for roof ventilators that are not going to give you a return on your money.  What you need to weigh up is do they effectively ventilate the roofspace, do they keep you cool in summer, are they maintenance free with no moving parts, will they last as long as your roof or longer.

These are things you need to know when considering roof ventilation price.