So you need new gutters – I will give you some good unbiased advice most metal roofing companies and roofers are going to quote you on high front gutters and also want to sell you fascia cover, in some circumstances fascia cover can be an advantage however in most cases it is not necessary.

The other thing they like to do is use internal brackets – I call them infernal brackets. Why infernal, well they are also atrocious, detestable and despicable - why is that you ask? Well first off you are going to be cursing the first time you get up to clean the gutters and every time after that because they make gutter cleaning a real drudge, whether you clean out by hand or with a blower you will have an obstacle every metre if they have done the job properly. Not only is gutter cleaning a problem the internal brackets are not as strong as the external brackets.


Just that – its high front gutter and whether it has weep holes or not in a deluge it is going to back over into the eaves. Don’t believe all the hot wind the salesperson or metal roofing companies are blowing - it simply backs over and there is no denying it. Water continually having access to the eaves can cause the possibility of electrical shorts and blowouts, can cause roof timbers to rot not to mention the problems that can be caused by mould etc.

Getting back to the strength of the infernal brackets they are simply not that strong – it has been my experience to see first-hand gutters fixed with internal brackets sagging and literally falling.


My recommendation is for 115mil quad low front gutter fixed by external brackets. There are wider gutters 125mil and 150mil however, what is the point of a wider gutter when they only evacuate through a limited amount of downpipes. So I would be asking for a quote for 115mil quad guttering – (this relates to 4½" whereas your previous guttering was more than likely 4" in the imperial standard) to be fixed with external brackets. Rather than increasing the size of the guttering for extra quick evacuation of rain water, increase the size of your downpipes usually these are 100mx50m increase to 100mx75m or 90mil round.

There is one other thing I have not addressed they like to sell pressed angles for the corners, these are notorious for leaking. The better option is for fabricated angles if done properly these will never leak.

So for the best job for gutter replacement I recommend – 115m quad guttering fixed with external brackets and use fabricated angles for the external and internal corners – so when they try to sell you high front gutter with external brackets and pressed angles. Stand your ground and tell them what you want, in years to come you will be glad you did and if you want increased flow, increase the size of your downpipes.

I hope this has been of help to you. You will gain from my 50 years’ experience in roofing. Google – high front gutter forums and high front gutters North Sydney. If you are looking for roof ventilation you are in the right place  Universal Tile Ventilators for tiled roofs and Smoothline Ventilators for corrugated colorbond roofs.