The Smoothline Ventilator for corrugated colorbond roofs is a unique form of ventilator. Aerodynamically designed specifically to become part of the roof covering, being located just below the ridgecapping on both sides of the ridgecapping taking the best advantage of wind driven airflow no matter what direction the airflow is coming from at any one time.

Designed to use all the principles of fluid dynamics can also be described as a wind catcher – directing airflow downwards bringing cooler ambient air into and throughout the roofspace whilst using the science of convective heat transfer – natural buoyancy forces – known as natural convection.

The design of the Smoothline has a turret to the front of the ventilator to catch wind driven airflows from across the roof to flow through the ventilator being forced downward by the taper inside the back of the ventilator. As cooler air falls and hot air rises (convection) the hot moist air within the roofspace will evacuate through the opposing ventilator.


Whilst catching wind driven airflows to the front of the ventilator both sides and the back of the ventilator have been aerodynamically tapered to allow large storm cells and cyclones to merely pass over them. Whilst allowing internal pressure within the roofspace to escape during these circumstances preventing the loss of roof sheeting not withstanding that the Smoothline was also cleverly designed with bush fire protection in mind.

With nowhere for leaves, twigs and debris to collect and the perforations at 1.7 they are totally ember proof. As well as all these qualities within the design they not only look good the Smoothline system is definitely the best roof ventilation for the cooling of corrugated colorbond roof spaces. They have been proven to be the best roof ventilator to remove the inherent condensation problems that can be rife in corrugated metal roofs.

So if you are looking for a ventilation system that is going to work for you 24/7 365 days a year, that has no moving parts to wear out, that will cool your home in summer and keep your roofspace dry in winter, that will last as long as your roof or longer, that looks really good and does not make your home look like factory or a commercial building then you need to choose Smoothline ventilators for your home, not only do they look good, they will also save you real money on energy costs.