We have all heard the term Buy Australian for many years, so what are we doing about it?

Pretty much nothing, we are all guilty of rushing into the big hardware conglomerates and snapping up all their Chinese products for a bargain price. I myself have been guilty of this, buying a 3 burner barbecue just because it was very cheap when I already had a perfectly good working barbecue. Just think of where this mentality is taking us in this twenty first century – down the road of no return, no jobs, no money, it’s not too hard to see the possibility of Australia becoming a third world country within 20 years. Just look at our manufacturing industry, it’s going down, down with the prices that are going up, up, up.

Most of our car manufacturing companies have gone to the very countries that we are continually propping up with our taxpaying contributions – Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. The supposed big Australian BHP has taken much of its manufacturing and smelting offshore to take advantage from much cheaper wages. BHP is a big scam when it comes to being Australian selling its steel products to China for much lower prices than to Australians.

The amount of companies going offshore for their manufacturing is unbelievable but it’s true. For example on roof ventilation products most whirlybirds that you buy from hardware stores are from China, there are some from America however these are more than likely manufactured in China. Then still on roof ventilators most of the roof ventilation fans and solar fans are made in China quite often these products are not of the highest standard and anyone can import them, then they are sold to the Australian public for 10 times their cost.

When considering roof ventilation products consider the fact that buying Australian will keep jobs in Australia. Is it not better to buy Australian concepts and designs and the fact that the products are also made in Australia with Australian materials.

Universal Tile Ventilators tick all the boxes for Australian Inventions, Australian Designs, manufactured with Australian materials by Australian artisans in Australia.