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green pages favorite product

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BREATHE EASY Smoothline Ventilator System from Universal Tile Ventilators

You can breathe easier in your green home with the Smoothline Ventilator System. The system works to reduce the heat build up in your roof space that makes your home stifeling hot during the summer. It also tackles winter condensation problems. It uses no energy, being powered instead by natural convection currents and airflow, expelling stuffy and stale air to the outside and drawing in fresh cool breeze. It also reduces the need for energy sapping air conditioners – great news for the environment and your wallet. The Smoothline Ventilator System works year round to make your home more comfortable to live in. It blends in with overall look of a corrugated Colorbond Roof making it a stylish and cost eff ective solution for your home. It's the simple systems that are the most eff ective and the simple actions that achieve the greatest results.