Industrial Vent Case Study

Industrial Smoothline Roof Ventilation System
Powder Coating Services Pty Ltd

Powder Coating Services operate a powder coating business in Queanbeyan, NSW. The 1500m2 facility includes a large industrial oven used to cure painted surfaces.

The problem: The clearance between the top of the oven and the low-pitched ceiling is approximately 1.5 metres (Image 1). When the oven doors are opened, a massive burst of heat is emitted. As there was no ventilation, continual exposure to this heat damaged the motors and electronic components on top of the oven. Employees using the oven also experience considerable discomfort. The costs associated with servicing the heat affected components and downtime were significant.

industrial vent case study

Image 1 Industrial Oven at Powder Coating Services Pty Ltd

A large whirlybird ventilator was installed on the roof above the oven in an attempt to dissipate the heat, however this ventilator was ineffective. The solution It was determined that convection air flow was required to remove heat from the immediate area of the oven.

Two Industrial Smoothline Roof Ventilators, manufactured by Universal Tile Ventilators, were installed above the oven. The first was placed directly above the oven doors and the second a further 2 metres up the roof (Image 2).

industrial vent case study

Image 2 Placement of Industrial Smoothline Roof Ventilators

Two days after the installation of the ventilators, employees commented that cool air circulated around the front of the oven making it more comfortable. When the oven doors were opened, it was noticeable that hot air was extracted out of the building by the Industrial Smoothline Roof Ventilators.

Project costs

  • 2 Industrial Smoothline Roof Ventilators: $1,540
  • Installation: $600


  • The oven motor and electrical components no longer damaged by excessive heat Improved comfort for employees
  • Financial savings estimated at $4,000 per annum (reduced oven maintenance costs and no production downtime).

I’m very happy with the outcome… it was a very cost effective solution to what we thought was an impossible problem. During 2009 we will be using more of this system throughout our buildings.” (Vitas, owner of Powder Coating Services Pty Ltd.) March 2009.