Master Builders Association ACT

20th September 2006 - Jerry Howard

To Whom It May Concern:
The Master Builders Association of the ACT (MBA) provides this letter of support for The Universal Tile Ventilation System.

This product was developed by Kevin Baker who has a long standing association with the MBA.

The Universal Tile Vent is suitable for installation in tiled roofs. Its primary purpose is to ventilate the roof space without the need to install a complex mechanical ventilation system. The tile vent is easy to install and it is fixed in the lower and upper sections of the roof in opposing sides.

The Universal Tile Ventilation System is suitable in climates where there is excessive heat build up on the exterior of the roof. This radiant heat is then transmitted into the roof space, creating excessive heat build up at very high temperatures. The excessive heat from the roof space is radiated through the ceilings to the habitable areas below.

By installing the Universal Tile Ventilation System, a simple cost effective ventilation system is provided to relieve the roof cavity of this excessive heat build up. The advantages to the occupants of the building are less costs associated with cooling and a more comfortable environment to live in.

One of the unique features of this product is that it is simple to install, it does not require any mechanical fixing, it is maintenance free and it fits neatly into the space of the roof tile. The tile vent does not protrude above the roof line and it can be easily painted in a colour to match the existing roof tiles.

This product has been installed in hundreds of houses in the ACT and around Australia and has proven to be a cost effective solution to a complex problem.

If you require any further information on this product, we have displays of this product in the Canberra Building Information Centre, 241 Northbourne Ave, Lyneham.

Yours sincerely,

Jerry Howard
Deputy Executive Director