There are some facts to know about tiled roofs that could be of interest to the consumer.

Both concrete and terracotta tiles need to have continual maintenance over the years for example – the ridgecapping is the most vulnerable component on a tiled roof and generally needs to have maintenance within ten years. This should be carried out by the removal of the ridgecapping, cleaning up all cracked and broken mortar then rebed and pointing the ridgecapping to completion. A tip to making the bedding and pointing last a lot longer than normal – bush sand is usually used for the bedding on most roofs however if a very sharp plasterers sand is used or even sea sand from the beach the bedding and pointing will last for years longer.

Why is that you say? Well the bush sand is a very fatty sand and is much easier for the roof tiler to use. However on drying this sand does not handle the expansion and contraction of the roof tiles very well over the years. It does not matter what you point over the bedding it will prematurely let go.

Terracotta tiles handle the pain of expansion and contraction much better than concrete tiles as concrete tiles expand and contract with the changing seasons.

Sharp plasterers and or beach sand will adhere much better and will withstand the movement of expansion and contraction much better. So general maintenance in most cases will need to be carried out usually every ten years, this will include rebed and pointing of the ridgecapping and general repair of broken and cracked tiles and check and repair all flashings.

If you are going to stay in a house till you retire, or longer, you will probably have to do this maintenance a number of times.

However terracotta tiles and concrete roof tiles, whether they have a vapour barrier or not, both need to have effective ventilation in the roof so the roofspace does not overheat or build up moisture from condensation and/or humidity.

So for effective roofspace ventilation you can’t go past Universal Tile Ventilators and as well as working very well to keep your cool in summer and your roofspace dry in winter – they will never need maintenance, they will last as long as your roof or longer.

So whether you use terracotta tiles or concrete roof tiles or even maintenance free colorbond we have the best ventilation systems for you – The Universal Tile Ventilator System for tiled roofs and the Smoothline Ventilator System for colorbond roofs.