A corrugated metal roof without effective roof ventilation is like playing Russian roulette with a full magazine. Why is that, you say?

Well, no matter whether corrugated roofing on a home has a vapour barrier of any kind or not, when the escaped hot moist air from the enclosed space (inside the home) escapes into the roofspace and believe me it does this, no matter what type of insulation you have on your ceiling. When the moist air rises to the underside of the roof covering it immediately turns into moisture this happens because in winter the top side of the roofing is freezing cold this phenomenon is called the dew point – the dew point is the temperature when the heated air can no longer hold the water vapour that is mixed with it and then it condenses into water – or better known as condensation. Check on Menu “Warning! Read This Before You Design Your Next House”.

The other side of the coin is that in summer with the roofspace all locked up it’s going to make the home like a sauna, so what are you to do?

That’s easy you need very effective roofspace ventilation. Where do you get that? Right here on this site, the only ventilation systems that will do the trick are Universal Tile Ventilators for tiled roofs and the Smoothline Ventilator System for colorbond roofs.

Get the tried and true ventilator systems that all smart architects and building designers are specifying – don’t waste money on inferior ventilators that don’t work.

Buy Universal Tile Ventilators (for tiled roofs) and Smoothline Ventilators for corrugated roofs and prepare to be amazed.