You may or may not know that the Universal Tile Ventilator started out from the need to solve a problem for a customer of Kevin baker a roofing contractor with over 40 years experience in the trade who invented the tile ventilator to solve a massive condensation problem in a $4.5 million dollar house and it did just that it solved the problem. However the point is that during Kevin’s 40 years of experience in roofing he has come up with many numerous solutions for solving customers problems within the field of roofing, during this term many inventions have come to light.

One day Kevin asked his Patent Attorney, in your experience what types of inventions are the most successful, probably to do with computers or software would that be right?

The Patent Attorney answered quite the contrary the best and most successful inventions are usually situations such as yourself, bourn out of necessity where someone has a problem and your invention is the solution to the problem causing someone’s life to be more comfortable, these are usually the best and most successful inventions.

Well after many inventions bourn out of necessity Kevin during the course of carrying out gutter realigns and replacement saw the need for something to clean the silt from roof gutters. The problems being that gutters back over into the house, downpipes block up due to silt build up, water tanks fill up with silt that turns into mud so you see the need for a solution.

Brainwave! Kevin came up with a solution to the problem with the added advantage of saving water – The Flushaway Silt Flusher – removing silt is the aim, saving water is the gain.