Why is this?  Most people are not aware that roofspace ventilation can impact on their health and the longevity of the entire home.  It is not a choice, it is a necessity that should be part of the Building Code of Australia.

But who is interested in mandating that roof ventilation be part of Australian building practice, not the builders, they are too busy working out whether to buy a new Holden or a BMW so they will not be putting your health or well being before their profits too soon.

All the Associations that represent the builders will be backwards coming forward before they put the added cost of roof ventilation to the price of houses so nothing is going to happen there. They will back the builders. The fact is they will always stand up for the builder or whoever is sponsoring them, never the homeowner.

However, there are a few builders and architects who are interested in the welfare of their customers after they have been paid for their services and specify the need for roof ventilation in the new homes that they design and build.

Other than the small amount of builders and architects that specify the need for roof ventilation in new housing it is up to the consumer to do or pay for the roof ventilation themselves either after the home has been built or when they insist that the builder install roof ventilation during the building of the home.

Likewise it is obvious that Governments are not interested in mandating for the ventilation of roof cavities in homes, they are too busy going along with their star systems that have been worked out by text book cowboys that seem to be oblivious to all the problems that these energy rating systems are causing, by blanketing the whole home with all types of insulation to the point it cannot breathe – go figure!

However there are some local councils realising the problems that these energy rating systems are causing to new homes, so it probably will start from here and finally when it is too late, well that time is here now.  We are starting to see all the problems borne from these energy rating systems in the way of Sick Building Syndrome and thousands of dollars in repairs to roofing materials.

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