Whirlybird roof ventilators have been around since most people can remember. The word whirlybird has become generic with the Australian population, however the word whirlybird does not actually belong to anyone or any company in Australia.

The word whirlybird was first registered as a Trademark in the USA by G & S Turbine Ventilators back in 1981. The owner of the Trademark is Lomanco Incorporated of Arkansas USA, Trademark Registration No 1177089. The word whirlybird also currently enjoys registration in Australia to Lomanco Incorporated, updated to 2014.

Whirlybirds are everywhere you look, the reason being they were the only type of roof ventilators that were available cheaply whether they work with any effect at all is quite controversial. These roof ventilators are actually turbine ventilators so it is sort of humorous that they are generically known in Australia as whirlybirds.

However, over the last three decades there has been significant technological changes in the natural roof ventilation industry and there are far superior products available on the market today.

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