The enclosed space is the architectural term for the internal area of a home enclosed by walls and a ceiling, the part of a house that is inhabited. The space between the ceiling and the roof is the roof cavity.

Before you build make sure you choose light colours for the painting of the home and light colours for the roofing materials and you specify that the builder ventilates your roof with a good effective ventilation system.

There are many things that can be done to make the home more comfortable and more energy efficient after a home has been built, some will take quite awhile to achieve however some can be carried out immediately.

Number one would be proper, effective roof ventilation, this will be great value for cooling the enclosed space, drying out the roof cavity and for the health of the whole family.

With roof ventilation being the main objective this can be carried out quite inexpensively.

The next thing to consider is the windows with most older homes and a lot of new ones only having 3mil thickness glass, you would need shades over every window that draws a significant amount of heat during summer months good curtains are OK however not good enough so the best solution is shutters or blinds as shutters do not shade the brickwork below the windows and are very expensive the best and cheapest option would be canvas awning blinds these are probably the most affordable they work brilliantly and last a good 15 years there are many types depending on your budget. A few things to consider when buying blinds:- choose blinds that are white or lighter colours these will reflect the heat away from the house, make sure they are 100mil wider than the window either side and that they can be drawn down past the window.

So you have installed a good roof ventilation system and covered your windows with heat reflecting blinds what is next?

Trees, shrubs and ground cover. You should have strategically placed deciduous trees in areas where the sun lasts longest throughout the day facing the walls that absorb significant heat sourced during the summer months, so you will have good shading coefficient and when the leaves drop off in autumn you will have excellent warmth from the winter sun. It all helps shading of wall and roof surfaces is important to reduce summer heat gain.

Another thing you can do that does not take as long as trees to mature is use ground cover plants instead of paths and pavers where possible to help keep the ground surface temperatures down, plant small shrubs wherever possible.

So now you have it, a really good roof ventilation system, awning blinds, good ground cover and shrubs.

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