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Exhaust fans for bathrooms, kitchen exhaust fans, ceiling fans all need to be ducted to the outside atmosphere.

It is an absolute health hazard to allow these fans to dump into the roof cavity.

There are a couple of ways to duct these exhaust fans out of the ceiling to the outside atmosphere. One is to duct out through the eaves horizontally across the ceiling and the other is to duct out through the roof covering vertically. It is obvious as heat rises up naturally the best and quickest way for these household gases to evacuate the roofspace is up and out directly through the roof.

Let us look at venting fans to eaves versus through the roof. First we will look at venting bathroom fans through the eaves by going horizontally across the ceiling as heat rises naturally this goes against the basic physics, the possibility of condensation remaining in the ducting is very high and if you forget to turn the fan on the shower steam will surely condensate in the horizontal ducting, this is the lazy way to duct a bathroom not healthy and if the ducting has to go a fair way across the ceiling from an internal bathroom it would be really ineffective. However the reason contractors use horizontal ducting through the eaves, it is much easier for them and they do not have to get on the roof to do the job properly.

Ducting through the roof covering is the absolute best way for the consumer to have the job done.

Take the flexible ducting directly up through the roof and out to the atmosphere, this is the correct way to duct bathrooms or any room in the home using the correct principle of heat rising, by doing this you are half way there and large capacity fans are not needed, this will work even if the fan is not turned on. Keep the flexible ducting nice and taut from the appliance to the evacuation point and you will have the healthiest and most effective exhaust for the evacuation of these household gases.

So what is the best system for this. Well pipes in lead flashings or flexible flashings are not the best way as they often flop over in wind or their flashings are notorious for leaking, this is why some tradesmen use the easy way out with horizontal ducting but that is not good for the consumer.

So what to do? Universal Tile Ventilators Ducting Systems are brilliant for ducting any room in the home. We have ducts for our concrete tile vents and ducts for our corrugated colorbond Smoothline ventilators. As the ducts sit inside the roof and you connect the flexible ducting directly onto them there are no pipes, no flashings and your bathrooms duct directly out of our ventilators.

Great idea, works brilliantly with the best end result for the consumer, totally maintenance free.

So whatever application you need roof ventilation for you cannot go past Universal Tile Ventilators.

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Anything else is a compromise.