Eco abbreviation for ecology. Innovative eco products are changing the way we live.

Consuming and manufacturing of eco products should minimise the impact on the environment.  When considering the production of these products sustainable manufacturing will help to protect our globally decreasing resources.  Hopefully there will be no waste in their production.

“Ecology the study of the detrimental effects of modern civilisation on the environment with a view toward prevention or reversal through conservation, (also called human ecology)”.

Considering all the products on the market today claiming to be eco, green sustainable or organic.  A lot of these products have been created and live up to these claims.  However the boundaries have been stretched and quite often some products claiming eco green, sustainable and organic do not meet the criteria or guidelines to claim the use of these words.

The concept of these products is to have a positive effect on your life and to have minimised effect on the environment.  You need to know about the products you are using and make sure that they are eco friendly.  All products that claim to be eco friendly still have minimum effect on the environment in their manufacture, transport and packaging.

It is not too hard for the consumer to work out whether a product is eco friendly or it is not, ask the questions, filter the answers especially when considering furnishings and building materials for the home.  Not forgetting household chemicals, these all have a major effect for the inhabitants of a home with reference to sick building syndrome.

However when considering roof ventilation and ducting of the home, our products meet the criteria and guidelines for green eco energy saving products they will give you everlasting service and when their past their use by date are easily recycled.


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