I just cannot believe the attitude of architects and builders with their disregard to effective roof ventilation.

Roof ventilation should be specified in the design stage for building a home and builders should consider effective ventilation for any home they build instead of putting one or two $50 token whirlybirds that will have no effect to ventilate a roofspace however more often than not they do not even do that.

Two years ago I made many architects and builders aware of the fact that a lot of people mostly with corrugated metal roofs were experiencing massive condensation problems in new homes and homes that were not that old with a newsletter titled “Warning Read Before you Design Your Next Housing Project”.  This was taken seriously by some good architects and builders that care about their clients after they have received all their money for the build.  However most simply took no notice, which brings me to the reason why I am writing this blog.

Every single day of the week we have emails from distraught homeowners to see if we can solve their problems of condensation with our ventilators.  Some of the homes are up to 7 years old however most have just been built and it is actually raining condensation in their roof.  Today we had a phone call from a homeowner that has a home in the process of being built and cannot be painted because the new roof is raining condensation inside and the ceilings and walls are all wet from condensation.

This seems to be a common occurrence in Victoria.  When people complain to the builder or councils they do not seem to be able to get anywhere.  Proper effective roof ventilation should be as I said designed into the specification so the builder has to comply and people do not suffer the consequences of condensation problems.  Condensation is a problem that seriously affects homes in Victoria, Tasmania and the bottom half of New South Wales.

If you look on our website on the Menu or in BLOG you will see “Warning Read Before You Design Your Next Housing Project” this is a good read especially if you are building or thinking of building a home.

Most of the problems of condensation can be effectively remedied with our ventilation and ducting systems.

Smart architects and builders specify and use these products.

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Anything else is a compromise.