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Very happy

Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 4:57 PM

To: Universal Tileventilators <>


I just wanted to drop a quick line to say that I have installed the ventilators and I'm very impressed. I installed them myself and it was surprisingly easy. We had roof condensation issues, which were particularly bad this winter, which was causing electrical shorts. A potentially very dangerous situation. I could actually see water droplets and water run marks on the sacking and the trusses were visibly wet.

I installed 9 ventilators (large roof space) and we have had zero issues since. Even on very cold mornings there is no evidence of condensation. The roof trusses are visibly drying out. To be honest, I was a little sceptical at first, but the amount of air flow through the roof space amazed me. Overall I am very happy and have been recommending them to everyone. I'm looking forward to see the difference they make during summer.