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The importance of ducting bathrooms and kitchens through the roofspace to the outside atmosphere should not be trivialised. In a world where we routinely encounter inadequate performance with bad building practice, for one example dumping the waste from bathroom and kitchen fans into the roofspace what is a consumer to do, do we simply settle for just good enough?

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Why not alleviate all the following predicaments and duct your exhaust fans. There are a combination of problems that lead to the ailments of Sick Building Syndrome mostly caused by inadequate ventilation and we believe the dumping of kitchen and bathroom exhausts into the roofspace, without effective ventilation.


  • Moisture and household chemical gases being dumped into the roofspace can wreak havoc for example normal household activities such as showers, laundry, dishwashing, cooking all generate up to 12 litres of moisture a day and that adds up to 4.380 litres a year. When you think about it that’s a lot of moisture with nowhere to go.
  • Condensation “Energy Efficiencies Unwanted Companion”.
  • “Serious damage to buildings from condensation is increasing in Australia as building envelopes are made airtight and thermal insulation is installed to increase energy efficiency”. Check out ‘Warning Read This Before You Design Your Next House’.
  • There is more than one companion to condensation in the roofspace.
  • Dumping bathroom and kitchen fans into an inadequately ventilated sealed up roofspace can contribute to moisture laden insulation reducing the R value and creating the perfect environment for mould, bacteria, mildew with the further possibility for termites and SBS (Sick Building Syndrome).
  • SBS (Sick Building Syndrome).
  • Sick Building Syndrome is the official term to describe the symptoms caused by modern building practices, furnishing, paints and materials and household chemicals VOCS. A World Health Report into SBS found that 30% of all buildings new and renovated could be affected.
  • Some of the Symptoms of SBS.
  • Itchy eyes, dizziness, headaches, runny nose, lethargy can contribute to allergy problems: asthma, fungal infections with toxic mould spores being airborne can lead to serious illness, the film star Brittany Murphy died from pneumonia it was suspected this was due to toxic mould in her apartment, her husband died 6 months later from the same causes.
  • What are VOCS: Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • VOCS are the gases from the chemicals found in the following products. These are contaminants sourced from solvents, upholstery, carpets, paints, adhesives, varnishes, fabrics and composite wood products, vehicles idling in garages, disinfectants, cleaning chemicals, personal care products – cosmetics, deodorants containing aluminium etc etc etc.
  • Ducting bathrooms through the eaves is equal to not having the bathrooms ducted at all. This will leave condensation from steam within the ducting not very healthy, a very good prospect for mould growth.
  • It is obvious as heat rises up naturally the best and quickest way for these household gases to evacuate the roofspace is up and out directly through the roof.

So you can see that the new building energy ratings encouraging locking a house up so tightly with insulation to keep it warm in winter and cooler in summer we are now experiencing real legitimate effects of condensation problems and contrary adverse effects from the outcome of these building practices, so do yourself a favour and duct your kitchen and bathroom exhausts out of the roofspace.

So for ducting of your bathrooms or kitchens prepare to be amazed at the results you achieve.

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Anything else is a compromise.