We live in a world where more is better and bigger is better. More is not always better than less but here is the thing bigger is not the solution to a problem. Size itself is not a competitive advantage the belief that bigger is better is a fallacy most people realise that bigger is not better, sheer size alone is never an advantage over better designed products quality comes in any size, more performance more reliability will beat bigger every time.

Let me give you an example large car a Cadillac will run round town for 2 days on a full tank of fuel a small car a Volkswagen Golf will run round town for two weeks on a tank of fuel the Cadillac will take twice as much money to fill up than the Golf the Golf will get to any destination just as quick as the Cadillac or more than likely quicker. The Golf will need less space to park than the Cadillac the Golf is easier to clean you could go on forever with the advantages of small over bigger.


There may be something spinning around on a roof no matter what is inside it or how bigger it is do you think this is inducing ambient air into the roofspace – well it is not – without the ambient temperature (the surrounding air) being allowed into the roofspace at roof level the stale hot moist air from the roof space will not exhaust. It is exactly the same story with ridgeline vents that do not allow air to enter the roofspace so how do you think you will get any ventilation for the roofspace from these products – you won’t.


Sheer size is never a competitive advantage over better designed products with performance and reliability being a distinct advantage over bigger.

With roof ventilation the secret ingredients are the performance of the product. Does it use all the elements of fluid dynamics to remove the stale moist air from the roofspace and replace it with the ambient temperature, is it a system working together within itself to do this 24/7 365 days a year, will it never need replacement and last the life of your roof or longer. That is real value for money.

Universal Tile Ventilators will do this.