When looking for roof ventilation for an ember attack BAL area you cannot go past the Smoothline Ventilator from Universal Tile Ventilators.

If you want real ventilation for your home that is going to cool your home in summer and dry out your roofspace in winter from condensation.

Our Smoothline Roof Ventilators are designed to take everything mother nature has to throw at them – they are aerodynamically designed to allow cyclones to pass over them whilst allowing pressure release from inside the roofspace, the top is tapered on three sides so no debris can collect on them, the perforations on the inlet grill are 1.7mil these are the only roof ventilators that you can actually be used in a high ember attack area.

These Smoothlines have been passed by the NSW Rural Fire Service for use on their bushfire stations for the NSW South Coast State Forests where they house their fire fight fighting engines.