There are advantages and disadvantages in these two systems. The advantage with refrigerated air conditioning with reverse cycle heating you get the best of both worlds cooling in summer heating in winter you can cool or heat the home to whatever temperature you desire, however this comes at a cost.

The air conditioning unit sits on the ground usually against a wall of the home the noise from the unit can be quite loud however being against a wall and usually surrounded by foliage such as trees, shrubs and/or fin walls the sound from the unit can be quite muffled unless of course the unit is right next to your next door neighbours’ bedroom.

However really the only disadvantage for refrigerated air conditioning are the ongoing costs firstly the initial set up costs of installing the unit with ongoing maintenance costs but worst of all the running costs – your energy bills can be unbelievable especially in heat wave conditions.

Really efficient cooling and heating will work for your comfort every time you turn it on. However will continually cost you big time when you receive your energy bill.

EVAPORATIVE COOLING (otherwise known as swamp coolers)

Set up costs are slightly cheaper than the refrigerated air conditioning. If you are in a dry climate an evaporative cooler will work exceptionally well for you. There are still ongoing running costs for energy however these are cheaper than the refrigerated airconditioner. Evaporative coolers use a lot of water and they will not work in humid climates so you might want to take that into consideration.
The evaporative cooler has to be mounted on the top of your roof being in this position they create a lot of noise as there is no buffer such as walls or foliage to muffle the noise they produce. The noise from the unit is not such an issue with the homeowner however it can be a real bone of contention with your neighbours – so a little consideration to where it is mounted could go a long way.


PROS – Slightly cheaper set up costs much cheaper running costs and will work very well for you in a dry climate as long as it does not rain.
CONS – Will not work in humid areas, will not work in rainy weather or if it becomes humid. You need to have doors and windows open for the system to work. They use a lot of water. Can be very noisy for neighbours. The evaporative cooler may have unwanted effects on asthma sufferers. Maintenance costs can be more expensive than a refrigerated airconditioner.


If you work in an air conditioned office or workplace you should use airconditioners as least as possible at home, as it is not possible for you to turn the airconditioner off at your work place try not to use it at home or become reliant on airconditioning it can affect your skin and hair there are a number of health problems that can evolve from the effect of a poorly maintained airconditioning system so make sure you keep them in tip top condition.


Well for a start if you have no roof ventilation or the wrong kind of roof ventilation, both of these airconditioning systems are working very hard to cool the home with the built up heat in your roofspace so in order to cool the home with the heat in the roofspace the units are working overtime and costing much more than necessary to run. Due to the built up heat in the roofspace without effective roof ventilation the moment you turn the unit off the house will heat up.


You have Universal Tile Ventilators installed in your roof, these will work for no energy costs 24/7 365 days a year (for the life of your roof or longer), to move the ambient air throughout the roofspace removing all the built up stale heated air so when you do turn your airconditioner on you will only be cooling the inside of the home without the heat load in the roofspace.

So your airconditioner will only turn on when necessary and turn off when not needed. You will not need it for near as long as you used to without roof ventilation and you will find you will be turning it on a lot later in the day and turning it off a lot earlier in the evening. You will see that the heat zone is decreased by hours. There will also be many days of the summer that you will not even turn your airconditioner on, it will not be needed as our roof ventilators make 5-10° difference inside the home.

We believe you will save 30% to 40% on your energy costs after our ventilators are installed. You can’t beat that!

Have a look at our testimonials. And remember use air conditioning sparingly and do not become reliant on it.