You may well ask, what is the best concept for roof ventilation.  Let’s explain the meaning of concept:-

  1. A directly conceived object of thought
  2. Functioning of a new product or innovation.

Of course, you obviously know this, or you wouldn’t have typed in the word concept.

Well, let us start with what is not a good concept for roof ventilation, as follows: -

  • Whirlybirds Don’t Work! See scientific evidence on this site – Case Studies & Reports – “Whirlybirds Don’t Work”
  • Grid and solar fans are not a good choice as there is no concept in their design to circulate the ambient air throughout the roofspace – the true concept for roof ventilation.
  • Most other types of roof ventilator use eaves vents to allow air into the roofspace and the inlet air is unbalanced with whatever ventilator it may be. Either fans or 90% of natural ventilators.  Not any of the aforementioned have any concept at all no actual design within the product – to actually move airflow throughout the roofspace.


  • To allow free ambient air flow to enter and evacuate the roofspace.
  • You need an inlet and outlet within the roof covering i.e. within the tiled roof or within a corrugated colorbond roof.
  • It makes sense that you would have a pair of these ventilators in each section of your roof. For example – two pair for a small roof, 3 pair for a medium roof and 4 pair for a much larger roof.
  • These ventilators should also be of the same identical volume, so as to give a measured airflow – in and out of the roofspace.
  • The ventilators should also have design capabilities within, to take advantage of fluid dynamics, the study of air and liquids in motion.

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