The probability of roof condensation and exposed electrical wiring cannot be eliminated from short circuiting causing over heating and the possibility of fire.

This is the worst-case scenario; however, the possibility of fire cannot be overlooked.

Condensation soaked insulation covering outdated wiring in your roofspace is a recipe for disaster, uncovered wiring, be it wiring from yesteryear or by rats eating the conduit that covers the wiring, or even bad workmanship around electrical lighting fixtures and bathroom and kitchen fans are areas where condensation can cause a short circuit in wiring.

Fire is the worst-case scenario; however electrical short circuits are generally the biggest cause of house fires.

We have written many Blogs on our website the causes of condensation in your roof, however, I had forgotten to mention probably the worst cause – fire.

Many house fires are caused by electrical short circuits, whatever the cause.  I know I have reroofed homes that have been burned down by short circuit in electrics.

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A fire in your roof may never happen for you, however forewarned is forearmed.

The best way to keep your roof dry in winter, is to have the ambient air to circulate your roofspace and the best way to circulate the ambient air throughout your roofspace is the Universal Tile Ventilator for tiled roofs and the Smoothline Ventilator for corrugated colorbond roofs.