Thinking solar panels? Think again.

Buying or leasing solar panels can have as many or more problems as well as advantages, as we have laid out in previous blogs.

However, a little-known problem is that when you go to sell your house people are starting to balk at buying a home with solar panels. Why is that you ask?

Firstly, have the solar panels been purchased outright or are they leased pay as you go. If so, how many years is the home locked into such a solar scheme contract, 15 or 20 years.

It is a long time to pay for someone else’s mistakes. Or have they been purchased outright and on their last legs, ready for replacement they only last 20 years on the outset to end of life.

Getting back to the major problem of having solar panels – people are balking at buying a home with solar panels installed – solar panels may appeal to some buyers but for personal reasons a lot of buyers don’t believe solar panels add value to a home or are of much value at all.

They simply don’t want the maintenance – so beware if you are thinking of adding solar panels or you are thinking of buying a home with solar panels. Buyer beware many home contracts have fell through before the property settles due to the installation of solar panels.

Real estate agents will purport that solar panels are an added advantage however this is as far from the truth as pigs may fly.

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