For this type of turbo roof ventilation, we will be talking about the placebo effect when a medical patient is given a sugar pill and he is led to believe he has been given a pill to cure his ailments and thinks it works this is the placebo effect.

Much like a whirlybird goes around, so we believe it is actually doing something, yes it goes around and around there is no doubt about that but this is all it actually does as far as circulating the air throughout the roofspace this just doesn’t happen.

So, you see just like the medical patient thinking the pill does the job when it is just the placebo effect in action, in fact the action of the whirlybird going around is the only action that happens the rest of it is inaction, the placebo effect.


So, with the general population wising up to the fact that the supposed action of a whirlybird is actually inaction, the placebo effect. With this being common knowledge, some companies are planting a thought into our conscious thinking if we put a little bit of plastic on the spindle that turns with the whirlybird and call it a fan and say this makes a difference in moving the air throughout the roofspace. It doesn’t, they also add words to the name of the product such as Super or Turbo as if to say you are getting a similar effect to a turbo charger or super charger.

This only adds to the placebo effect of the ineffective action of these supposed fan type whirlybirds. Perpetually turning around till one day they stop.

The only word that may have a bit of truth in it is turbo that’s if they are using it as short for turbine and this of course is not what they want you to think, they want you to think it is extra powerfull, however it is no different than a $50 supermarket whirlybird it still doesn’t move air throughout the roofspace.

When we are given a sales pitch that puts a thought in our head, we have innocently learned to interpret these thoughts as if they are reality.

It is easy to believe that because the object of our thinking represents reality we fill our heads with this false information, which we then interpret as reality.

It is much the same as the whirligig salesman giving you the thought that their product has super powers or it is turbo powered because they added a little bit of plastic and the words super or turbo – add the spinning around and you have the placebo effect of inaction for turbo charged roof ventilation.

Not only that they want to charge you extra for this little bit of plastic.

For any type of natural ventilation, you need to have inlets and outlets of the same volume within the roof covering to let air in and out of the roofspace and a pair of these in each zone of the roof layout this is the concept for effective roof ventilation. With the inlets and outlets within the tiles or colorbond, if the system is designed right you will be harnessing all the principles for fluid dynamics – convection, the venturi effect, thermal and wind driven airflows as well as aerodynamics these are ingredients for very effective roof ventilation.

A simple whirlybird with a piece of plastic added to it depending on inlet air from eaves vents is simply not going to work as eaves vents only work on convection – this is not enough inlet air to make any difference. Also, to assimilate the words super and turbo is nothing but a play on words, to relate the meaning of extra power, which of course is not reality simply just words to provoke a thought of reality.