Our most popular Blog is actually not on roof ventilation however the relation to roof ventilation can be likened to friendly sister and brother twins or even a horse and a carriage.

The Blog is “Air Conditioning Versus Evaporative Cooling” 10,215 hits

Whereas the Blog gives information on the pros and cons of air conditioning and evaporative cooling. It also gives the relation of how important it is to have roof ventilation in unison with these two products. So, your air conditioner does not work overtime using costly energy, the reason for this is your air conditioner is working overtime and using more energy to cool the home plus the excessive heat overload in the roofspace that radiates down into the living areas long after the sun goes down.

It makes sense to have roof ventilation because you won’t need to run air conditioning as long as usual it will turn off more often and you more than likely will not use it at all in the evening hours.

So, this Blog allows you to realise there is a real need for roof ventilation to be incorporated with air conditioning and evaporative cooling both airconditioning and evaporative cooling are expensive enough. With air conditioning using a lot of energy and evaporative cooling using a lot of water and filters as well as the original hefty costs for set up.

Effective roof ventilation on the other hand is quite inexpensive and if you incorporate it with these two products you will save on energy costs for decades.

Just like the sister and brother, the horse and carriage go together, so does air conditioning and roof ventilation, without the combo you will compromise your pocket year in and year out.

For those that do not have either air conditioning or evaporative cooling if you want a much cooler home and drier roofspace, make sure you ventilate your roofspace with effective roofspace ventilation.

Universal Tile Ventilators have effective roof ventilation systems for tile and corrugated colorbond roofs.