Solar powered roof ventilation is a statement that contradicts itself.

How can a fan that is solar powered actually ventilate a roofspace when the sun goes down in the evening the solar fan will be rendered useless? This is the time in the summer months that you really need roof ventilation, so you can sleep at night.

But what about winter when some geographical areas are in fog until almost midday or longer and in the evening when no sun is available these are the times when condensation raises its ugly head and you really need a ventilated roofspace.

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and also, to see what can happen in your roofspace in the winter months “Warning! Read Before You Design Your Next Housing Project

The best way to ventilate your roofspace is to have a natural system that works all year round, that lasts for many decades, for a one-off cost, that won’t ever need replacement or repair.

Look at our Roof Ventilation Systems for roof ventilation and ducting through the roof to the atmosphere. They really give you valued cost effective roof ventilation for your tiled or corrugated colorbond roofs for many decades to come.