With bathrooms you are no longer allowed to dump exhausts into the roofspace of your home. It is now mandatory to either exhaust bathrooms through the roof or have a ventilation system within your roof for bathrooms to exhaust.

Some people get around the problem by ducting out to the eaves. By running ducting across the ceiling horizontally will allow steam to condense within the ducting and eventually this could create a health problem.

So, the best way to exhaust bathrooms – as heated air rises is to duct through the roof or ventilate your whole roof.

Our Smoothline Ventilators are very efficient by using one of our single or double ducts below a Smoothline ventilator.

With the Smoothline ventilator you can exhaust one or two bathrooms through the one ventilator. These duct adaptors and Smoothline combinations work extremely well to remove all the steam from the bathroom not only that they are easy to install and there are no ugly pipes protruding the roofline, just cut a hole below the ridgecapping drop a single or double duct into the hole and simply fix a self-flashing Smoothline ventilator over the duct to completion easy as that.

Then the duct adaptor is ready for your electrician to hook up your fans, no more trying to get pipes level or bracing them into the roof and then having to get on the roof to flash the pipe.

It makes it easy for the roofer to install the Smoothline duct whilst he is installing the roof, ready for hook up by the electrician.

You save on labour you save on time and end up with a really good looking addition to your roof.