Many heritage listed buildings do not have any form of roof ventilator, some had old style dormer or gable vents however most did not.

When you are trying to keep everything heritage you need to keep as close to original as you can. This can be done by checking old photographs to maintain the original look.

Many of the original heritage roofs were either shingles, shake or slate however many have been reroofed with galvanized corrugated iron, most roofs towards the end of the 19th century have been roofed in galvanized corrugated iron.

As we are talking about heritage roof ventilators we will start with the corrugated iron roofing – this needs to be galvanized steel to match original. This is still available so are quad and ogee gutter profiles in galvanized steel and downpipes were usually round, on homes and similar buildings the size of the downpipes were approximately 75mil.

As we are talking about roof ventilators, we reiterate not many heritage buildings have them however in order to keep heritage buildings protected from damp and follow on condensation it would be desirable to have an effective roof ventilation system.

Our Smoothline Ventilators have been used on many heritage buildings and usually have been powdercoated in Shale Grey (this colour was originally call Gull Grey) to match the galvanized iron - once it goes grey, which usually takes about one year after installation. This is usually acceptable by government bodies.

The benefit of using the Smoothline Ventilators is they are very unobtrusive, they are low profile and can hardly be seen especially on two storeys’ although they are not heritage they are the closest thing to maintain the original look. In large orders over 30 they can be made I gal.

So, there you have it, 21st century innovation for 19th century buildings, nothing looks or works as well as the Smoothline Ventilator System for heritage buildings.

We also have ducting systems that go below a Smoothline Ventilator to duct out bathrooms and kitchens. These also look and work brilliant, much better than ugly flu pipes that reach way above the roofline and have flashings that are very vulnerable to leaking.

So, for the best looking, most inconspicuous roof ventilator system for your heritage listed building that also works very well to protect your valuable investment look no further than the Smoothline Roof Ventilator System not only do they look good and work well they are also aerodynamic and ember proof.