Our ventilation systems work 24/7 365 days a year so we decided to give you a timeline on the results you will receive through the seasons – winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Starting with Winter – the ambient air is much cooler in winter which means the cooler air contains very little moisture by allowing this cooler air to circulate your roofspace continually with our ventilation systems, actually dries out your roofspace and protects all the building materials from the moisture damage that you could experience from lost heated air from inside the home, if you don’t have an effective roofspace ventilation system.

When we say lost heated air that is exactly what it is, lost to the roofspace and of no value to the homeowner whatsoever.  As this cooler air continually circulating the roofspace removes the much lighter heated air from the roofspace it has a drying effect, air friction also plays its part in the process, without going into specific details it is always a given that fluid dynamics including aerodynamics comes into play with our ventilation systems, to allow the ambient air to circulate the roofspace with fresh air 24/7 for all seasons.

So, you see in winter our roof ventilation systems keep your roofspace free from condensation, due to the removal of the stale, moist heat loss and replace the roofspace with continual fresh air.  Keeping your roofspace dry and free from condensation damage and SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) – read this Blog “Warning! Read Before You Design Your Next Housing Project” 

THEN IN SPRING AND AUTUMN YOU CAN EXPERIENCE BOTH WARM OR COOLER WEATHER – The warmer days of Spring and Autumn you will find if you have air conditioning you won’t need to use it or if you don’t have air conditioning your home won’t experience what it did before you installed our systems and you will be able to sleep soundly. 

We call these days that are the warmer days of Spring and Autumn the edge days.  On the cooler days of both these seasons or long periods of rain you will experience a drier roofspace.


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So, you see the timeline for our ventilation systems give you great results for all seasons, you can’t beat that.  For a very small layout you get great results for a one-off cost that will last you for decades, we reiterate you can’t beat that, read our genuine customer testimonials

There are many other Blogs on our site that may be of interest to you, especially if you are building a new home.

When building a new home, this is the best time to install roof ventilation before you experience not being able to sleep or to have to spend many dollars on remedial work, or have your air conditioner work overtime to cool your home because you have a heat overload trapped in the roofspace between your insulation and roof covering i.e. tiles or colorbond.

So, when you are ready for roof ventilation look no further, you are here ANYTHING ELSE IS A COMPROMISE, PREPARE TO BE AMAZED.