Roof ventilation case studies are a rarely mentioned or done practice, because a lot of products on the market have not been determined by fact.

However, Smoothline Ventilation Systems have been, having temperatures logged inside and outside the home every 20mins for several days before and after installation of the Smoothline System – in situ on a Brisbane home.

After installation of the Smoothline Roof Ventilation System they have proven to reduce the duration of the hot zone within the home dramatically by 6 hours.  See Case Study

Also see 26% Energy Savings

Although not a case study an absolute fact with proof.

Some products state wind tunnel tests however these don’t actually exhibit how the product will work in a real situation in a real roofspace in a real home.  These aren’t actual case studies these are really only hypotheticals.

Just like roof fans or solar roof fans claiming they move so much volume it is not proven in situ in real situations in real roofspaces or real homes, just another hypothetical

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