First and foremost, you must try and make the process of building a dream home a unique and very gratifying experience. Many a dream of building a dream home has been turned into a nightmare.

Find yourself a reputed architect or building designer to come up with exactly what you want. When we say reputed we mean one that has an excellent reputation for great design, maybe you could go through one of the homes they have designed. I always remember one of the great architects from Canberra his name was Gary WIllemsen and his name is immortalised in Canberra with great design. His homes are sort after and a premium is paid for his expertise.

I also remember a house my friend had designed by an architect and when the bricklayer read the plan he said the staircase was designed had he laid the bricks you would have opened the front door and fell down the stairs to the garages.

So, find yourself a great architect or designer first.

Then you need to find a block of land that your dream home will be happy with.


Do exactly what you did to find an architect – do your research – there are many good builders and just as many bad ones. We reiterate do not let building your dream home become a nightmare.

Don’t rely on building associations they are there for the builder not for you.

As there are reputable architects and designers there are reputable builders, just like Gary Willemsen the architect there are reputable builders, they are easy to find do your research you will find one that has a reputation and a following.

So, if you want a dream home do your research find yourself someone good to design your home the perfect block of land and a builder with flair and a reputation. Make sure you are included in every process from reading home beautiful to your dream home and when you are ready for roofspace ventilation look no further you are here.

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