For this Blog we will talk about evaporative cooling in periods of high humidity.

We have addressed evaporative cooling in a previous Blog that follows, click on the link that follows.

There are a couple of problems for evaporative cooling that we have not addressed in our previous Blog – for evaporative cooling to be able to work you will need to have windows and in some cases doors open, to allow heated air to exhaust for the process to work. If the unit is working and you have left the home vacant. You now leave yourself vulnerable for a security risk.


In periods of high humidity you could also be mopping up water from floors and furniture also causing furniture, doors and other timber fittings to swell due to moisture released from the air in periods of high humidity.

A reverse cycle refrigerated air conditioner is the better choice, cool air all the time and then heating for the winter.

A lot of money lost in energy costs, can be saved by having an effective roof ventilation system. You don’t want to be cooling the house as well as the overload from the roof’s space.

So the best choice is air conditioning with an energy saving effective roofspace ventilation system, you can’t beat that.

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