It makes no difference where you are situated geographically in Australia bushfires are inevitable.

Bushfires can happen anywhere and have encroached on most cities of our nation, we just can’t be complacent.

Some Councils in some States have taken these facts seriously, especially where bush towns have been razed by these wild fires creating great loss and havoc to everything in their way.

Victoria is leading the call for change with most of the State on standby.

However, some not so smart by leaving great tracts of residential land in a precarious situation to bushfire in years to come.

For example, the suburbs of Wright and Coombs in the ACT back onto State forest in a known bushfire corridor, the land for these suburbs was razed by the 2003 Canberra bushfires. So what did the ACT Government do, they decided to cash in on the situation and rezone the land as residential land.

The suburbs of Wright and Coombs in the ACT are extremely vulnerable to another catastrophic bushfire.

This shows the arrogant cavalier attitude of the ACT Labor Government to marking revenue.

So, you see Victoria is taking bushfires seriously others are not, so it is up to you the homeowner to make your property bushfire safe especially if you live in the suburbs previously mentioned.

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